The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


After some bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances I am still trying to pay off the debt I have hanging over my head.  As I slowly chip away at it, I teeter on obsession thinking  about where I am headed when I have my finances in order – world travel, gypsy life across America – or settling down in California, Colorado, or some other location that will enable me to live the outdoor lifestyle I love.

It is hard to live in the present, especially when I am temporarily stuck in a place I don’t enjoy living in.  But every day I try to be grateful for my life, I acknowledge the work that I have to do to get where I am going, and remember that good things do come to those who wait.  Even if the waiting is the hardest part.

The New Normal


It’s hard to believe that the last time I was writing in this blog I was feeling lost but at least I had my partner by my side.  That is no longer the case.  After a brief engagement, everything fell apart and nothing has been the same since.  As fate would have it, my father passed away suddenly at the same time.  Then shortly after my mother had a mild stroke. I guess God has faith in my strength because they say He only gives you what you can handle.

Almost a year later I am still taking steps to mend my broken heart, and to deal with the grief of the death of my father and also my relationship.  It’s hard.  It sucks.  It’s work.  But I make attempts to remind myself that I am blessed in many ways and to be grateful for that.

I have not given up on the idea of traveling and I hope to be able to get out into the world once I am back on my feet financially and emotionally.  So stay tuned, there just might be more wide open spaces to report on.

Lost In Transition


I have to say I feel like I left a little part of me in Colorado and I haven’t quite been the same since I left.  I have been enjoying my time with family and friends here in Connecticut but I haven’t really felt much like me lately.  Maybe it’s just adjusting to a new routine here or just different surroundings that has me feeling misplaced.  That is partly why I’ve been quiet lately, also I feel like I haven’t really done much to write about.

A quick re-cap of what I’ve been doing.  I just attended two conferences for Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.  I feel so fortunate to be living so close to NYC and can take advantage of these opportunities.  Both conferences really lit me up and reminded me why I wanted to be a Health Coach in the first place.  Also, Jonathon has peer pressured me into signing up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May!  So now my life is centered around my training plan.  I am simultaneously excited and terrified at the thought of running 13.1 miles!  We are also still focused on our idea of traveling through SE Asia and hope that we can do that at the beginning of 2014.

My spaces aren’t so wide these days and I think that is part of my current funk.  I just really need to remind myself that there is beauty and nature to be had, I just have to look for it.

Health Coach Superhero Finds Her Powerful Object


ImageI found this plastic heart ring in my old desk drawer.  I’m not quite sure where it came from originally.  But I thought it was cute and just threw it on one day for fun.  That day I happened to be working furiously on the details of an upcoming group program.  I noticed that the ring changed my attitude a bit.  It kept me happy and flirty and feeling young.  So I kept it on.  I accomplished a lot that day for my health coaching business.  Then I found myself putting it on every time I got on the phone with a client, colleague, or anyone I was talking to about health coaching.  I would listen to the speaker and look down at this silly plastic heart ring and just smile. The ring reminds me that coaching is what I love to do, helping people is what I love to do, and loving others is what I love to do.  The Beatles were right, all you need is love.  Just as Thor has his hammer, Captain America has his shield, I have my heart ring.

Fortune Cookies


Do you ever save your favorite fortunes?  I like to and have them randomly scattered through my desk and bulletin board.  I was just feeling a little down about leaving Colorado and I looked up and saw “Your life becomes more and more of an adventure!”  Isn’t it funny how the universe delivers things to you just when you need them?
My all time favorite fortune, this is for real, “Come back later.  I am sleeping. (Yes, cookies need their sleep, too)”.  Seriously.

Michelle Clark, CHC


Michelle Clark, Certified Health Coach.  I have completed all my course requirements and I am now a full fledged health coach!  I think it’s pretty cool to have some letters after my name.  I can’t believe it was only a year ago that my big red box from school arrived.  Oh the excitement I felt opening that box! Excitement for the coming year and what that would lead to.  It has been a great year.  I have met wonderful people through the course and have learned so much.  I have enjoyed the ability to enroll clients while still a student and I think I get more out of coaching my clients than they get from me!  It is such a joy knowing that my listening, attention, and guidance is making a difference in someone’s life.  Next month I will travel to NYC to attend my first IIN conference.  I am thrilled at the prospect of meeting my classmates in real life!  We have such a strong online group that you almost forget that you have never met face to face.

If you or someone you know could use some coaching or a listening ear, I can be contacted through my website!  Remember there is no limit to what you can achieve!

Goodbye Telluride


I am many months behind in my writing and feel like there is so much to update!  After a series of events we made an unexpected decision to leave Telluride.  Leaving for me was filled with mixed emotions.  I was happy to leave the town I never really felt at home in.  I never found my place to fit in and I always felt like I was just marking time there.  I was sad to leave the wonderful beauty and outdoor adventure that living in that part of the country provides.  I was also sad to say goodbye to some great friends.

We have been traveling since the beginning of the month.  We had a wonderful 4th of July in St. Louis (despite my being sick) where we were able to enjoy the beautiful fireworks over the Arch from the air conditioning of our hotel room!  We have been in South Carolina for the past couple of weeks where we have been visiting with Jonathon’s family.  We also took a trip to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, both of which were awesome and I am glad I got to see both of them.

Soon we will be on our way to New England where we will live with my parents until we head out on our next adventure, something I am bursting with excitement about.  We will be heading to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos for an extended trip.  We are unsure how long we will go for and we are hoping to just start in Bangkok and travel without an itinerary.  I am hoping we can sneak a side trip to New Zealand as well!  So stay tuned for updates on our adventure, I promise I will document the trip much better than I have been other parts of my life lately.

I have to admit that we are missing Colorado a lot.  We have already talked about where we would go if we decided to go back and we are talking about Steamboat Springs.  I just feel like the west is where I belong.

Looking forward to making our way up north so I can spend some time with my family and friends.